Mastering Fireground Command – Calm the Chaos! Awareness Level 2 day Workshop

This workshop is based on our best-selling Fire Engineering video series by the same name.

Command and tactical training is critical to modern officer development.  Today’s officers must be excellent leaders and exceptional tacticians.  With changes in building construction, tactics and the latest UL studies regarding fire behavior, modern fireground operations are more complex than ever.

We would customize this aspect of your training.  This would include setting up simulations of your target hazards and previewing your standard operating guidelines, response models, and staffing levels.

Today’s fireground should be a calm and orchestrated event, but often it is not.  Diversified mission, mass attrition, and little or no command training have created an era in today’s fire service where the simple “bread and butter” house fire is a sentinel event.

The NIOSH top 5 line of duty death causal factors on the fireground surround size up, command, communications, accountability and SOP’s.

Students will participate in simulations for house fires, garden/center hall apartments and commercial fire incidents and review actual incident video and audio to get answers to the following questions…

  • How do I set clear tactical objectives, have clear communications and establish command presence on my fires?
  • How do I create a personal system that blends all my classes, certifications, SOP’s, ICS, and tactical fundamentals into a simple, street smart and effective way?
  • What’s the difference between size ups and arrival reports and how do I become great at both?
  • What are the trigger points and safety issues of Offensive, Defensive and Combination strategies?
  • What are the key points to Rescue, Exposures, Confinement, Extinguishment, Overhaul, Ventilation and Salvage?
  • How do I really use ICS day-to-day and get beyond “checking the boxes”?
  • How do we get SOP’s/SOG’s working in my department and when should we call an audible?
  • How do RECEO-VS and SLICE-RS work together?
  • What do changes in construction and fire behavior mean to modern-day tactics and command?
  • What are the implications regarding the latest UL and NIST studies regarding flow path?

This intense, hands-on and interactive workshop hits these issues head on and will simplify the components of tactics & strategy, SOP’s and ICS.