Mastering Fireground Command – Calm the Chaos! Train-the-Trainer 5 Day Workshop

Due to high demand nationwide, we have developed a train-the-trainer workshop so your fire department and/or region can have in-house instructors, fully trained and equipped to deliver this outstanding NIMS-compliant command and tactical curriculum for use of ICS in the street to make your operations more safe, effective, efficient and consistent. Don’t let the NIOSH 5 come into alignment on your incidents!

The 40-hour workshop is designed as follows:

  • We customize this aspect of your training. This includes previewing your standard operating guidelines, response models, and staffing levels. We also set up conference calls to discuss the plan and curriculum with any other stakeholders/chief officers.
  • The first two-day awareness level is designed to infuse greater awareness and learning for your surrounding allied agencies while providing significant cost recovery for the hosting agency.
  • First two 8-hour days of instruction in Calm the Chaos! Mastering Fireground Command including:
    • All student materials electronically including PowerPoint student notes and Tactical Worksheets in PDF format
    • Day two including radio walk-throughs and simulation training
    • The first two days could be open enrollment with no student limit, allowing you to recoup costs. (Note: This workshop was recently held in San Ramon Valley FD (CA). Students paid $250 each, with 62 outside students attending – See photo).

  • Trainer 8-hour days for 15 students that includes:
    • Proprietary use of all copywritten PowerPoint curriculum and videos that are FIRESCOPE 500 and NIMS compliant for Licensed use by hosting agency and allied agencies represented
    • Electronic copies for each student-instructor of all PowerPoint, videos, and simulations, including instructor notes and student guides
    • Digital copies in MS Word of Tactical Worksheets for Structure Fires, Wildland Fires, Hazardous Materials Incidents and Multi-Casualty Incidents
    • Digital Combustion/Fire Studio 6 Simulation Software Licensing for each student
    • 55 Electronic Simulations for upload including residential, multi-family, apartment, strip mall, commercial, wildland, high rise, active shooter, and hazardous material incidents
    • Instructor access for 15 instructors to online video streaming of Fire Engineering Mastering Fireground Command – Calming the Chaos 3-part DVD series AND over 170 other tactical training videos representing the entire Fire Engineering Video Library for one year

  • Ability to amend curriculum for in-house videos, incidents and keypoints
  • Three days of Hands-On Training and instructor lesson plan implementation including engine pumping, hoseline deployment, smoke, SCBA, radios, search, ventilation and victim profiling and rescue scenarios at your training site
  • After-action report with recommendations for department-wide implementation of training at the battalion level

Instructor with Division Supervisor

Train-the-Trainer Instructors Cadre – San Ramon Valley, CA

Train-the-Trainer Instructor Cadre – Saint Paul, MN FD

Train-the-Trainer Cadre – Billings, Montana FD